Fact Checking Policy

On Our Website (ptetdcb2020.com), We strive to provide accurate information to our users and our Fact Checking Process for all the content is very well designed to ensure truthfulness and quality for our readers. We maintain higher standards of proofing and are open for all the corrections required as per the facts.

Verification Process

We Verify all the information presented on our website by our authors which thus establishes the authenticity of the content. We cross check our content with official notices and announcements to provide accurate information.

Primary Sources

We provide information after checking through reliable sources such as International News Publishers, Office Press Release, Official Statements and Notification. However, if an information source is not available then we mention it clearly on our website or content.

Corrections & Updates

If any errors or misinformation is identified in our content, we immediately make the required corrections or if required, we also make changes to the said content and verify the same before updating. If you find any wrong information on our portal, then you can email us or you can leave a comment and then we will make the required changes within 24 Hours.


In Case of Fact Checking, we only rely on official sources such as Notifications, Meeting Announcements, Announcements from officials and Press Releases. We also cross check our claims in content through the official website of the department.


We at the Fact Checking Team are responsible for our work and we are completely open to the changes required in our content. If any error is found in our information then we immediately complete the process and make the required changes.


We always review our content before publishing it on the website and also cross check the information being provided to our users.


We make our sources of information public so that the reliability of our content increases with the trust of our readers. Although, we have clearly stated that only official statements are trusted while publishing the content.